The process begins at the concept stage. We evaluate the entire project to produce a preliminary cost estimate which is used to establish the budget. Typically, this estimate will be within a few percent of the final cost estimate. We draw upon our experience in the industry and the individual backgrounds of our project team members to develop a realistic estimate - sometimes based on very limited information. The architectural and engineering backgrounds of our team members enable architects and engineers to easily convey the needs and requirements of the project. The key to our success in this early stage is to include in our estimate items that are not indicated on the drawings and specifications, but are sure to appear in the construction documents.

During the Design Development Stage, the project estimate begins to take on a more defined shape. Certain details appear in our estimate that shape the final cost of the project. At the Final Stage, we produce a highly detailed estimate that is supplemented with various qualifications and price quotations. The qualifications list that we develop, is a list of items that alert the design team of potential change orders once the project is bid. This prompts the design team to review and adjust the documents accordingly, avoiding extra costs or overruns at a later date.

During the entire estimating process, we strictly adhere to the appropriate governmental or agency estimating guidelines and requirements. Our final estimate is generally the second or third lowest cost within a group of five bidders. The bid results and our final estimate are extremely close, therefore reinforcing the approach of the design team.

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